"I judge people by their actions. Race, position, the way you were means little to me."

Icarus Briefs is an Earthling whose history lies in the far past of Earth, before King Furry's ancestor became the one King of Earth. He's a young man with a will of fire and strong ideals who often finds himself caught up in the chaos of his unknown past.

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Pre-History Edit

(His life before DBZ Arena)

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(Major On-Site Events)

Discovery Saga

Conversation Hearts

Icarus and Serenity meet for the first time as he starts his first day at a new highschool, where it's conveniently Valentine's Day.

Touching the Skies!

Icarus meets a man named Goku at a tournament where survival is the key. They soon find out that the tournament is hosted by demons, and fight their way to the top! In the end, the two have a battle to determine which one of them is stronger.

As Nightmares Fade...

...The Morning Comes (Unfinished, see Summary)

Icarus, curious about some rumors about Seren as well as a certain strength he can sense inside her, decides to take her out...on a date, of all things! In the end, Icarus discovers feels for the girl, but unfortunately also realizes that she's not a human, but a Ghost Warrior! This discovery is news to Seren as well, and the two are left with a dangerous situation.

Attack of the Mad Shaman King

During an attack on the King's Guard controlled cities by the Red Ribbon Army, Icarus lends a hand to beat back the mutated monstrosities created by one of their leaders. During the battle, however, Icarus is taken out by an impalement and put into a coma, where he's then taken away by Goku.

The End of the Beginning

After falling into a deep coma, Icarus is brought to the outskirts of the wilderness, where an alien that Icarus and Seren had met and fought before now came with an offer to help the Earthling fighter. With the advanced alien technology she possessed, Icarus was brought back from the depths of unconsciousness to see the tear-stricken face of Serenity.

Namek Saga

Realizing Serenity's feelings for him, Icarus returns them in the only way he knows how to: He promises to bring her body back, giving her a normal life again. To do this, he decides to wish upon the Dragon Balls he'd heard about from the alien who had saved his life, traveling into space to get to the planet Namek! On the way, Icarus stops on the planet Yardrat upon hearing of a trick that could give them an advantage when looking for the Dragon Balls. On the way, they jokingly remark that their group should be given a name, and Icarus decides on the name...Team Eclipse.

A War Between Eclipse

During their time on Yardrat, Icarus is corrupted by the soul of a prideful Saiyan trapped within a Yardratian Mage's dimension during training. This leads to a large scale battle between Icarus' friends and his corrupted self, where casualties are had but the prideful warrior is defeated in the end.

Fortunately for them, when they arrived to Namek, the Dragon Balls were only guarded by the Namekians themselves, who took to the couple's plea for help with kindness. With the wish on the Dragon Balls fulfilled, Seren was gifted a new, powerful body! With the remaining wishes, Icarus and their close friend, Yang, were given new power that carried the trio to new heights! Now that Seren was finally in a normal body that wouldn't poison her friends, the two officially made themselves a couple.

Training Journey Saga

After returning to Earth, Icarus and Seren begin to enjoy life as a normal couple for once...before immediately being dragged into another mess of chaos! Serenity's family of Celestial Warriors brought the two to their home, where they were supposed to be trained. It was there that the two learned of Icarus' mother, and that she had promised her son, Icarus, to be put into an arranged marriage with Seren! This didn't sit right with him, however. Once he learned the potential whereabouts of his mother, Icarus packed up and took off to find some answers, leaving Seren alone for a year while he explored Earth, training along the way.